Sharp's Memory LCD Suite

Multiple sizes in silver metallic or clear monochrome

Sharp's Memory LCD Suite

Consumers continue to demand a greater amount of sophistication and functionality in electronic products - including products with extremely small displays. Sharp's Memory LCD technology delivers a high-contrast dot matrix display that enables denser content and eliminates many of the design issues inherent in yesterday's low-power LCD technology standards (see About Memory LCDs for details). Consider putting the Memory LCD to work in your designs and take your products to the next level.

Silver Metallic Polymer Network Liquid Crystal Modules (PNLC)

PNLC silver metallic displays deliver a luxurious image while adding style to your product design, and the option for a sub-display with continuously visible information. High 50% reflectivity offers excellent outdoor readability, and quick response time accurately tracks scrolling of text and images.

PNLCs control transmission (scattering) of incoming light rays without requiring a polarizer. The result is efficient light utilization that provides uniform viewing at any angle, even in high ambient light. It also eliminates the need for a backlight, which helps enable ultra-low power consumption.

Clear Monochrome HR-TFT Module

Enjoy a new level of readability, courtesy of clear monochrome technology. This monochrome display on a white background delivers high contrast for optimal text readability and 30 ms response time. Plus, these small devices offer maximum life without the need to change batteries.

Fast response times mean that the screen images can be updated to show up-to-the-minute user information, and text can be scrolled to display a large amount of information. Changes to on-screen information can be instantaneously viewed. Solid, crisp black images make for easy readability.